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Protect Your PC/Smart Phone (Android/Iphone) With Super Vpn Service

Our data that we send and receive can be stolen by someone while we are using internet. Data traffic can be capture by hacker or cracker just using a simple software and method. The popular and simple method is MAN-IN-THE Middle Attack also known as MITM. MITM Method, manipulate data connection between PC /smartphone and Router Network. The attacker pretend to be a router so all traffic data on the router has been captured before network router received.

The attacker can use your password that has been stolen with MITM Method to login your account. They can stole your email account, online bank account, facebook account, twitter and many more as you have access. This incident usually happened on public service like free WIFI Access, campus, hotel, restaurant, and many open WIFI area. Most of network administration does not configure their WIFI network properly to against this attack. Firewall cannot against this attack. MITM Method cannot detect with Firewall. Everything will be looked normal by firewall so it cannot against this.

The only solution is using Virtual Private Network provide by Super Vpn Service. All your traffic data will forward from internet gateway to private server with encryption method. Attacker will only see traffic data from your PC/Smartphone to VPN server. Super Vpn Service 100% more secure that proxy server. Your PC/Smartphone connected with encryption that cannot provide by proxy server. That’s mean even attacker has been capture all traffic data on the router, they still cannot use the data. All traffic data lock securely with 1024bit encryption, almost impossible to be cracked.

SUPER VPN SERVICE offers all in one solution VPN to your PC and smartphone (Android and IPhone). Just buy the account and you will get secure internet access while on public WIFI. Installation is very easy you just type the ip address, user name and password provide by Super Vpn Service. Now don’t worry again with your privacy everything is secure even government try to sniff you.

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