Simple Way to Automatic Open FI Period SAP

Sometimes we forget to open period fi and user can not made transaction on the current period. SAP has been provide a program to maintain T001B via background so we can running the program every 1st period using schedule manager. First of all you need to install program RFOB5200, please contact you BASIS to install SAP Notes 0001483900. You need to install any other related SAP Notes if you had an issue.

The idea is to use RFOB5200 with specific variant and run every month. The problem is we need to create variant for each period to update the value of From period, From year, To period and To year. I will show how to create one variant with update value according to SAP system date. So we don’t need to create variant for each period. To do this you need some help from ABAPER to make a custom program. The key of this trick is use dynamic variant in RFOB5200.

1. Go to tcode stvarv

Create custom parameter for each value. In this example I only maintain from period2, from year2, to period2 and to year2. If you need to maintain the period1 you need to create the parameter too.

2. After create the parameter you need to mapping the parameter in STVARV into variant RFOB5200

In this step variant will be use value from parameter in STVARV you have set. Now you need ABAPER to update the value based on SAP System date. You need to define the logic for the custom program to update the value. In my case period is between 1 – 12. I define the from period value is -1 from current period and to period is always use current period in SAP system date. The from year and to year period is use current period. But I limit this when the system date is 01-01-20×1 the from period will still 12 and from year period = (20×1 – 1).

3. After custom program create you need to run the custom program and create background job for RFOB5200 with configured variant to running every month. If you dont have permission to create background ask your BASIS Team to created

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